My name is Clark Alexander (if you couldn't tell from the web address or my name all over the website). I'm an aspiring author and I created this website to document my journey on being published and career as an author. I hope to share my progress on my manuscript as well as the highs, lows, roadblocks, breakthroughs, and some jokes I hope you find half amusing.

Now you know what the page is about allow me to tall me about myself. I'm 24 and I'm writing fantasy currently. I'm from southern part of the United States, Alabama to be precise. I graduated with a B.S. in Finance and am currently working for an international bank (ain't no shame in the game) which fuels my passion which is writing. My favorite book currently is Ready Player One(Ernest Cline), while my favorite movie is Count of Monte Cristo (2002, Kevin Reynolds). (Don't judge.)  If there something else you'd like to know about me hit me up on twitter and I might tell you.

I'm also on social media so by all means contact me (mostly on twitter). I'm looking to make friends and help anyone I can. I will post once a week on this blog as I commence on my journey. So buckle up guys and gals it's going to be a roller-coaster of a time.